And then some relief…

While the election results today do not solve all the issues, as an immigrant in this country, I do breath and go to bed with relief today. The new President-elect and the Madam Vice President-elect have hard work ahead. There are still a lot of people that side with the ideals of the current occupant of the White House, and a lot of them have found the courage to speak up their racist, bully, misogyny, homophobic, ignorant comments. These people found the echo and motor of their ideas sitting at the Oval Office, and he is now lost his microphone. He will not go quietly and, unfortunately, I think things will get worse in the time he has left. But in a strange way, I think this will make the job of the President-elect and the Madam Vice President-elect a difficult but clear path, because the rubber of democracy has been pulled too much in one side, so it will have quite a momentum to get back to its natural shape.

I wish this was true in my home country too…

But tonight, I get to say to my son and my daughter, that there is hope.


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